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Few Words About Us

Fairytale Carriage, is a horse - drawn carriage business that is based out of the San Fernando Valley. Fairytale Carriage has been around since the mid 2000's. We took a step away for a few years but we are ready to get back into the rhythm of things to help meet all your event needs! We hope you are as excited as we are for our future to begin! 

Here at Fairytale Carriage you will be able to choose either a team of horses or a single horse to meet your event needs. In our "Meet the Team" section you can see how "Gentle" our horses really are. 



At Fairytale Carriages our vision is to assist the civilians as well as the brave men and women that had served in any branch of the Military. As well as any local Fire Department and any local Law Enforcement Department in the San Fernando Valley. 


Our mission at Fairytale Carriages is to help make your dreams come true in any future events. Here at Fairytale Carriages we also believe in creating a safe space with our beautiful animals to help create a memorable memory for everyone involved. As well as, making sure that there is nothing but smiles throughout the entire time of our services!

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